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Hello friends and family of our beautiful Natalie! I asked Natalie if I could gather together all those who love her, are in support of her, and believing in this new season she is stepping into...all for the purpose of a virtual house warming party!! And she said yes!! lol Can you hear her laughter now?? How sweet this sound is to any ear who meets Natalie and those who know her :) Natalie has been offered a position with a University, found an apartment, moved in(!), and is already connecting with new friends...but in all this she is missing a few things...like a house full of, well, everything! So, here is where we come in, and the reason for this virtual house warming gathering. Natalie needs everything! There is no specific date set for this gathering, being that it's online. But my heart is pondering how it may be considerate to set a date as to bless Natalie by, helping to secure when she can expect to be gifted from each of us as we desire to do so. As we sow into one another, we reap rewards, and wow... what a Person to sow into...truly. The investment of Natalie's life and destiny in this time and season, is worthy of much. From the small items she needs (Kitchen, bathroom, living area, laundry) to bigger purchases (furniture, bedroom set, kitchen...everything! lol). After creating this registry, Natalie will take time to choose what would be best in her home for this season, and honor us by listing everything on here, including options for GC! Whoo Hoo!!! Love me some GC! This will help us, help her :) By the way, my name is Amanda! lol Natalie and I met in, you guessed it, California! But I am a Seatlelite by birth, now sharing the same time zone as my dear sis...wow, has she blessed me beyond words. Feel free to email me with any thoughts, ideas, question, etc. I'm helping keep this organized, and while Natalie is settling, helping her in anyway I can from a couple states up! [email protected] Let us shower her with love in every form!! Sowing into her life in every way! Much Love to everyone reading this, and warmest blessings to you and your families xoxo ~Mandy Date determined to best help Natalie prepare, will be established soon, keep your eyes peeled! (who made up that saying...sounds terribly uncomfortable)


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