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K's First Home

I got the keys, keys, keys! So, I bought a house AAND my birthday is near. I'd love it if you would "COME ON OVER" and help me fill it with blessings, love and that family vibe that I get when I see you. We ARE still in a pandemic, so this will be a "Blow By/Stop & Drop/Grub Grab" event. Hop in your car and blow your horn to send your love or blow me air kisses via whatsapp or MarcoPolo, that would make my heart glad too. If you think you might want to bring/send a gift, you don't have to think too hard: CashApp ($KarenGilmote - yes, with a "t") or a giftcard works OR pair up with someone and choose something from the registry. Should you wish to send direct, the address is: Karen Gilmore 640 McKewin Ave Baltimore, MD 21218 I can't wait to see u. Thanks for thinking of me


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