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I'm starting new. For the past 10 years I have moved 7 times due to Slumlords who did not want to fix deficiencies Until Covid 19 a lot of good Landlords did not want to take Housing Authority of City LA Vouchers. Because of Landlords not wanting to parrI had to take anyrthing I could find rather than being Homeless. The Pervious unit in San Pedro was so small, I paid over $3000.00 in storage fee's in one year. My last experience was so Horrific I got rid of almost everything accept my clothes and Electronics rather than pay storage fee's. To store just my Clothes and Electronics cost $1200.00. It took 6 month to find my new space. God is amazing the day I turned in my Rental application was the day my Voucher was set to expire. 10 years ago when I obtained the Voucher my plans was to go back to School to be a Attorney Advocate. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do anything but take Slumlords to Court.


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