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Hinojosa Housewarming 2020-ONLINE:1617 Shady Lake Cir Henderson, TX 75652

Hello everyone and welcome to 'The Hinojosa Virtual House Warming Party'. As much as we would like to have an in-person gathering that is not possible for several reasons. We are pregnant and COVID19 still exists! Due to the expectation of our second child we have outgrown our current living situation and have ventured out to finally purchase our very first home. Yay! We spent long days and nights researching and evaluating every nook and cranny known to man before finally deciding on our new special place. We are overjoyed with happiness and look forward to sharing this special piece of our lives with you all. The showing will be virtually November 19, 2020 we can wait to bring you into our home. New Home Address: Mr. & Mrs. Hinojosa 1617 Shady Lake Cir Henderson, TX 75652


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