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FineDine mb-3854 Curved Lip and Flat Base Stainless Steel Mixing / Prep Bowl Kitchen Set, Mirror Finish, 6 Pieces

96 people added this $ $18.00 - $21.00 Amazon

The FineDine bowls are high quality stainless steel bowls. They come in a set of six, with multiple sizes, great for mixing, baking, cooking and more. Use whichever size you prefer, appropriate for your specific needs.The bowls are sturdy, yet lightweight and have a flared rim to prevent spilling for a neat and clean experience. Its flat base helps keep the bowl from slipping around while in use. All six bowls are wide and are sized differently. Each is slightly larger than the next, so you can ...

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Anchor Hocking Tempered Glass Assorted Dishwasher Safe Mixing Bowl, 10 Piece

$ $22.00 - $26.00

<b>Anchor Hocking 10-piece Mixing Bowl Set:</b><ul><li>1-oz bowl</li><li>2-oz bowl</li><li>4-oz bowl</li><li>6-oz bowl</li><li>10-oz bowl</li><li>16-oz bowl</li><li>1-qt bowl</li><li>1.5-qt bowl</li><li>2.5-qt bowl</li><li>3.5-qt bowl</li><li>Largest 4 sizes are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe</li><li>5-year limited warranty</li></ul>

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Bamboo Salad Bowl with 2 Serving Utensils (3-Piece Set) Big, Natural Wood Dishware | Serve Chopped Veggies, Fruit, Snacks, Appetizers | Versatile Kitchen Use

$ $74.00 - $82.00

Strova Bamboo Salad Bowl with 2 Serving Utensils (3-Piece Set) Big, Natural Wood Dishware | Serve Chopped Veggies, Fruit, Snacks, Appetizers | Versatile Kitchen UseEnjoy fresh salads or decorate a dining or living space with a beautifully versatile bamboo salad bowl from Strova. Whether salad is on the menu or you’re looking to enhance the décor in your dining room, nothing looks better than a stylish, all-natural wood bamboo Strova Salad Bowl with matching wooden salad hands. This high-quality wood bowl set makes the perfect addition to your dining experience when hosting friends or family or can even be used to store fresh fruit in the kitchen, or decorative flowers in your living room. Crafted with ecofriendly, heavy-duty bamboo, these natural wood bowls also come with two matching wooden utensils that can be used with the bowl or as standalone salad servers that look great with all your favorite meals. Product Details: Wood Bamboo Salad Bowl Wood Serving Utensils (2-Piece Set) Hand Wash Recommended Large Serving Size Multipurpose Kitchen Use Utensil Length: 7” (Each) Bowl Diameter: 11” Satisfaction Guaranteed Click ‘Add to Cart’ to get these wooden bamboo mixing and serving salad bowls with two server utensils and make it easier to enjoy fresh, delicious salad with every meal!

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Tibetan Meditation Om Mani Padme Hum Peace Singing Bowl With Mallet

$ $23.00 - $27.00

HighlightsBowl Measures approximately 4 Diameter, 2.25 Depth and weighs 350 GramsPrice Includes Hand Etched and Painted Singing Bowl, Wooden Mallet and Silk Cushion (Cushion Color May Differ)PLAYS EASILY with LONG LASTING clear space sound Perfect for Relaxation and Meditations.Each singing bowl set is hand selected & inspected to ensure the best sound and quality before shipping.

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Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set

$ $18.00 - $21.00 Melissa And Dough

Mix up some delicious pretend-play fun with this realistic wooden mixer. Turn dials to "adjust speed" and use the crank to turn the bowl that fits the mixer. Wooden ingredients include two pats of butter and a two-part egg, both of which have self stick tabs that can be sliced through with the child-friendly wooden knife. Follow the directions on the recipe card to make pound cake - the set includes a pound cake mix box, pretend pound cake loaf, and a cake pan. Kids three and older will love cracking, slicing, blending, and serving up pretend baked treats with this set that encourages creative thinking and imaginative play and promotes memory and number skills.

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Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (Set of 5), Non Slip Colorful Silicone Bottom Nesting Storage Bowls by Aammaxs-yyi, Polished Mirror Finish For Healthy Meal Mixing and Prepping 1.5-2 - 2.5-3.5 - 7QT

3 people added this $ $11.00 - $13.00 Amazon

Product Features: Material: Premium stainless steel Various Size: Bowl 1.5QT Bowl 2.0QT Bowl 2.5QT Bowl 3.5QT Bowl 7.0QT 5 Sizes of mixing bowls can feed family needs and can replace other similar containers Why Choose Aammaxs-yyi Bowl: Don't worry about cleaning! Arc bottom with smoothly, no dea...

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Proctor Silex 62507 5-Speed Easy Mix Hand Mixer Black

65 people added this $ $14.00 - $16.00 Amazon

Hand Mixers are powerful, compact and durable appliances for all of your mixing needs. Proctor Silex Hand Mixers are reliable small appliances for all your baking and cooking needs. These lightweight mixers are designed for power with 5 speeds that are ideal for mixing, stirring, beating and whipping. Models come equipped with traditional chrome beaters for optimal mixing. Proctor Silex Hand Mixers are compact and convenient, with a unique Bowl Rest stabilizing feature and a comfortable handle t...

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The Pioneer Woman Adeline 13 oz Emboss Glass Bowl, Set of 4 (Turquoise)

8 people added this $ $16.00 - $18.00 Amazon

The Pioneer Woman Adeline 4-Piece 13-Oz Embossed Glass Bowl: Add color and style to any table setting with The Pioneer Woman Pressed Glass Bowl. Each piece highlights embossed patterns and is the ideal size for serving desserts or individual snacks. The 13-oz purple glass bowl comes in a set of four and is available in additional colors. Combine them with existing kitchenware or with other items from The Pioneer Woman's Adeline collection for a coordinated finish.

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Kitchen Wooden Spoons Mixing Baking Serving Utensils Puppets 12 inch - Set of 12 ROUNDSQUARE®

$ $12.00 - $14.00 Amazon

Why wooden spoon? A wooden spoon is a must have in the kitchen. You'll pick up your wooden spoon almost every time you cook, whether you're sautéing onions or stirring up a pot of mushroom chili. Benefits from ROUNDSQUARE wooden spoon -Great for stirring sauces, soups, and so much more, this 12" wooden spoon is an indispensible kitchen tool, essential for everyday use! -Made of durable schima superba wood and featuring a 3/8" diameter handle, this spoon is perfect for mixing thick dough a...

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Slice and Bake Cookie Set - Wooden Play Food

$ $18.00 - $21.00 Melissa And Dough

Slice and "bake" a dozen wooden cookies for a sweet playtime treat! This colorful wooden set includes 12 wooden, sliceable cookies and 12 toppings, wooden knife, spatula, cookie sheet and a kitchen mitt for safe, "low-calorie" play! The cookies store in a durable dough tube.

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Cast Iron Hot Pot Noodle Bowl With Wood Lid

$ $11.00 - $13.00

Crafted of cast iron with swinging handles and a wooden lid, our sukiyaki hot pot is the perfect stovetop-to-table soup and stew bowl. Available in a small single-serving size or a larger size for family meals, it's perfect for simmering your favorite combination of sliced meats, vegetables, noodles, rice and sauces. Our exclusive version of the traditional Japanese nabemono is also ideal for making one-pot dishes like sukiyaki, oden and more.

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Wooden Tray Rustic Wooden Tray Wooden Ottoman Tray Ottoman

$ $36.00 - $40.00 Etsy

This hand crafted Rustic Wooden Ottoman Tray is a perfect way to add some charm to your home. Each wooden tray is made from pine and stained with a dark walnut stain giving each tray a rustic feel. We also apply a polyurethane sealant to each tray to insure it lasts for years to come! You will find many uses for this tray in your own home. From being a great decor piece, entertaining guests, to serving your sweetie breakfast in bed, the options are endless! **This listing is for the wooden tray only, it does NOT INCLUDE the decorations on the tray in the picture. ** Dimensions : 18.5 long x 12.5 wide x 2 deep Custom orders are welcome as well

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Large Wooden Oak Tree

$ $23.00 - $27.00 Bella Luna Toys

This Large Wooden Toy Oak Tree is a mighty piece of play scenery that fits right in with our collection of Ostheimer wooden figures. Smooth, rounded edges make

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The Stylish And Unique Pioneer Woman Flea Market 2.83-Quart Batter Bowl with Decal, Red Polkadot

2 people added this $ $25.00 - $29.00 Amazon

2.83 qt batter bowl;Material: stoneware;Dishwasher safe;Microwave-safe bowl;Red polka dot

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Pyrex Prepware 3-Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set

11 people added this $ $13.00 - $16.00 Amazon

The Pyrex 3-pc Mixing Bowl Set is designed to make stirring and mixing quick and easy. The round shapes gives you the space you need for full range stirring and is ideal for all of your cooking and baking needs.

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Lysol Hygienic Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Lemon Breeze, 2ct

$ $2.00 - $4.00 Amazon

Lysol Hygienic Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner hangs on the inside of the toilet bowl to help you maintain a Complete Clean between deep cleaning your toilet bowl. It not only cleans your toilet bowl with every flush, but it also freshens your entire bathroom . They last for up to 8 weeks, and are easy to use! It contains antimicrobial protection in the hook to resist odor causing bacteria.

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Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach Value Pack, Rain Clean - 24 Ounces, 3 Pack

4 people added this $ $4.00 - $6.00

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach is a powerful clinging gel that deep cleans and kills 99.9% of germs. This toilet cleaner destroys tough stains, eliminates odors, and leaves toilets sparkling with a refreshing Rain Clean Scent. Its unique dispensing nozzle easily delivers that cleaning power under the bowl rim. Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach is made with a non-abrasive formula that will not scratch surfaces and is safe to use in septic systems. The thick gel formula clings to the bowls surface, delivering the trusted Clorox clean to all areas of the toilet. Get better bowl coverage and sparkling toilets with Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

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Ostheimer | Son | Boy | Family | Wooden Toy Figures

$ $19.00 - $23.00 Bella Luna Toys

Ostheimer Son wooden figure is a young boy dressed in cap and knickers. Wooden toy figures of people & animals made in Germany. Free shipping over $75!

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Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set

15 people added this $ $31.00 - $35.00 Amazon

Keep your bathroom clean and stylish with this caddy that is designed to hold both the turbo plunger and round bowl brush together for easy storage. This caddy has a non-slip base. The turbo plunger has a rubber grip handle, sleek design and extended rubber plunger provides highly effective results.

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Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 72oz, Fights Toilet Rings & Stains

$ $4.00 - $6.00

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner cleans and disinfects toilets. The thick formula sticks to the bowl for better cleaning. Lysol liquid toilet bowl cleaner kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria with complete clean power. The angled bottle targets hard-to-reach areas, including under the rim, to leave your entire toilet bowl sparkling clean, deodorized and disinfected.

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