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Epure Firenze Collection 4 Piece Margarita Glass Set (Margarita Glass (10 oz))

$ $5.00 - $7.00 Amazon

It's time to put your college-age Taco Tuesday parties to shame. This matching margarita set keeps everything flowing steady - from the strawberry jalapeno margaritas to the sweet and spicy conversation, to the memories that last a lifetime.

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Libbey 8pc Claret Margarita Glasses

$ $12.00 - $14.00

Margaritas are just about one of the sweetest things we could think of, so we made a sweet glass to match. The Claret margarita is short in stature, but makes up for it in bowl size. Sip and enjoy!

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$ $9.00 - $11.00

img{max-width:100%}4 LIGHT UP LED FLASHING MARGARITA GLASSES BARWARE EACH GLASS - 8 ozLighted Margarita Drinking Glasses made from a party-durable, clear acrylic. these are hip, hot, and perfect for the night-time scene! Use these or any of our other great styles for parties, bars, clubs, or just a great feel when you have guests over late and want to Lighten up you party! Our other flashing glass styles include Pilsner Martini, Margarita, Wine, Jumbo 28 oz Beer Mugs and Liquid Activated Shot glasses.Made of Hard Durable PlasticFunctions:Lighted Glass has a "Still" setting which allows you to view only one color continuously with up to 7 different colors to choose from. Glass also has "Rainbow" setting (shown) which quickly cycles through each of the colors.Batteries: Includes 3 Replaceable AG13 Batteries

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Cancun Entertaining Set with 6 Margarita Glasses and Pitcher, Complete margarita set ideal for any sloshy slushie party you want to throw By Libbey

$ $48.00 - $54.00

Craving margaritas? No need to fork over piles of dough for a trip to Cancun - or even that pricey cantina down the street. Simply whip out your blender, spoon in your favorite creative ingredients, shake it all up, and serve in this bubbly-fun frozen drink set. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you in the future.

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Nostalgia MSB64 64-Oz. Margarita and Slush Maker

$ $47.00 - $53.00

Bring the thirst quenching fun to any occasion with this Nostalgia Msb64 64 Oz Margarator. The powerful motor quickly shaves ice to the perfect consistency and makes up to 64 ounces of your favorite slush drink. The easy-flow spout of the Nostalgia margarator dispenses consistently smooth frozen drinks, while the blending chamber detaches from the base for easy clean up. The set includes a detachable cup rest and drip tray for easy cleaning. This margarita and slush maker is BPA-free. It has chrome accents that create a modern look. The slush maker can make a handy gift for a friend who enjoys making their own beverages. With its slim size, it will easily fit on a counter or table. This Nostalgia Msb64 64 Oz Margarator has handy cord storage for a clean look when not in use.

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